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Dominions 3: The Awakening is a turn-based fantasy 4X gaming with up to twenty-one AI or human players using simultaneous turns.Still an amazing amount of player choices in one turn: recruit units, research, empower mages, forge weapons, cast ritual spells, search for magical sites, pray, blood hunt, assassinate enemy commanders, move units, storm a castle, enchantment your units, sneak into enemy territory, build buildings, dominion, site effects, heal, mercenaries, and scouting.

There are different eras: Early Magical Era, Middle Era, and Late Era. The Early Magical Era boasts many new nations, the Middle Era features most of the nations from Dominions 2, and the Late Era features an emphasis on more conventional warfare and less magic. Fifty different playable nations (if you have the full version), Some of the new nations include Ermor, New Faith, based on the early Republic of Rome. Marverni, inspired by Gallic tribes. Kailasa, Rise of the Ape Kings, inspired from Indian and Hindu mythology. Jomon, Human Daimyos, born from ancient Japan.

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